Gravity and Electromagnetic Force

The new field theory shows the elastic property of the field is responsible for both gravity and electromagnetic forces. 

If the gravity force is due to an elastic field, instead of the curving space, gravity force will also be exerted by Electromagnetic waves / photons / light. Here are the equations: 

F=Y_1 (f_1 f_2)/r^2 (gravity force between photon and photon)

F=Y_2 f m/r^2   (gravity force between photon and mass)
F – gravity force between two photons or photon and an object with mass
Y_1 =  3.61 × 10^−111 𝑚^3 𝑘g

Y_2 = 4.91 x 10^-61 m^3 s^-1
f – photon frequency
m – mass of object
r – distance between two photons or object with mass and photon

The details of these two equations are in this link:

A paper written by Max Gaofei Yan and posted on March 27, 2020 on the elastic field as unified field theory is in this link: