The below excerpts are from relevant correspondence and dialogues of Max Gaofei Yan, edited in parts by James Dees and Alexander Z Yan. 

Dialog on Gravity on 2021-07-27

  ---------------------------------------------------- Today’s mainstream physics runs into some serious crisis in both very large-scale cosmology and very small-scale quantum studies. As a matter of fact, the Theory of General Relativity not going along with the… Continue Reading

Dialog on Dark Matter on 2021-07-28

Here are equations explaining the force between photons or photon and mass: F=Y_1 (f_1 f_2)/r^2 (gravity force between photon and photon) F=Y_2 f m/r^2 (gravity force between photon and mass) Where: F – gravity force between two photons or photon and an object with… Continue Reading

Dialog on Dark Energy on 2021-08-04

This theory could also mathematically explain and calculate the so-called Dark Energy, rather an unknown repulsing the universe force, as well. Following this direction, we could understand why, when and at what rate our universe expands or contracts… Continue Reading
If both the gravity and Electromagnetic force are due to the properties of the elasticity of the field, then both forces could be unified into one theory system. That won’t be the case in the General Relativity theory which is for large scale and Quantum theory which… Continue Reading