Dialog on Electromagnetic Force

If both the gravity and Electromagnetic force are due to the properties of the elasticity of the field, then both forces could be unified into one theory system. That won’t be the case in the General Relativity theory which is for large scale and Quantum theory which is for small scale study. This new theory of gravity force is based on the properties of the unified field instead of curving space, so it can go along with quantum theory and Electromagnetic forces.


There are other ways for elastic materials to stretch and create force, which could be the mechanism of Electronic and Magnetic forces. By this understanding, similar to gravity, there are no particles or virtual particles needed to explain Electronic and Magnetic forces. Meanwhile, once we understand this mechanism, we can see the true relationship between Electronic and Magnate, which leads to many new conclusions. For example, a sound explanation as to why there is no magnetic monopole.



Einstein could not curve the tiny space to explain electron and magnetic forces at the quantum level as general relativity theory does for gravity force. Meanwhile, quantum theory has little use on the large-scale space study of the universe. Most researchers separate these into two different fields, one for very small phenomena and one for very large phenomena. However, now both fields are hoping new physics can solve some serious crises in their mainstream theories. I think these new physics will merge these two fields into a new single field.



If an elastic field uniting gravity and electromagnetism exists, String Theory would be able to move from being mathematical to having something tangible to work on and test for.


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