Dialog on Dark Matter

Here are equations explaining the force between photons or photon and mass:
F=Y_1 (f_1 f_2)/r^2 (gravity force between photon and photon)
F=Y_2 f m/r^2 (gravity force between photon and mass)

F – gravity force between two photons or photon and an object with mass
Y_1 = 3.61 × 10^−111 𝑚^3 𝑘g
Y_2 = 4.91 x 10^-61 m^3 s^-1
f – photon frequency
m – mass of object
r – distance between two photons or object with mass and photon

If there is a gravity force between an EM wave and matter or another EM wave, all of the puzzling observations of the Gravitational effect or so-called Dark Matter will make perfect sense.




The so-called Dark Matter, or rather Unexplained Gravitational Effect, could be easily explained if there is gravity force between EM waves or EM waves and matter with mass.  This means that when the matter with mass exerts a force (gravity) on light (Electromagnetic waves /photon and changes its path), the light simultaneously exerts the same amount of force to the matter with mass in the opposite direction, consistent with Newton’s third law. (The equations of this gravity theory are below.)

Here are some observations regarding Dark Matter and how they make perfect sense with this new theory:

The Bullet Cluster was created when two galaxies collided. After the center of masses of the two colliding galaxies slowed down, the observed center of gravity of each galaxy did not slow down. The baryonic matter slowed down, but the EM waves from the two galaxies did not. EM waves can pass through other EM waves without interference.


Electromagnetic waves are emitted in all directions from a galaxy, producing the spherical gravitational field as the new theory describes. This explains the Dark Matter Halo of flat galaxies as they have spherical gravitational fields.


Since Dark Matter is an EM wave, it is invisible to traditional methods of searching which look for a particle. Every single attempt of finding the dark matter particle has failed. Dark Matter as Electromagnetic waves does not interact with itself nor does it reflect Electromagnetic waves, so it has no observable reaction with light. Dark matter is not dark. With this field theory, Dark Matter is simply a light and is all around.


This Electromagnetic waves  having gravity force theory can also explain those observations related to gravity as found in Einstein’s theory; for example, light bending, Einstein Rings and the planet Mercury’s orbit.




As matter of fact, more and more research has discovered that Eletromagnectic waves/photons/light can have more effects than classical electromagnetism theories describe. Here is one new study at the Large Hadron Collider which shows how photons can behave like matter with mass. "CERN have found the first direct evidence of high energy light-by-light scattering, a very rare process in which two photons – particles of light – interact and change direction." 


“ATLAS sees first direct evidence of light-by-light scattering at high energy”


“LHC Creates Matter From Light”

While there are many hypotheses on what really happens, the result is undeniable: Photons/EM waves can interact like matter with mass. Of course, this research is just the beginning of how features of matter with mass come from light/EM waves, but if EM waves can “become” matter with mass, it at least shows that a gravity force, a property of matter with mass, could come from light/EM waves. That is the foundation of our approach to a new, simple, and logical explanation on Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the changing rate of the Universe’s expansion, a smoother than expected Universe, etc. These effects are barely detectable in a lab but could be a major driving force on a cosmological scale.

My interpretation on the above photon collision observation is that there is a gravity force between photons. Here is the equation on a gravitational force between two photons: 

F=Y_1 (f_1 f_2)/r^2

Y_1 =  3.62 × 10^−111 𝑚^3 𝑘g

When the frequencies (f) of both photons (gamma ray in this case) are very high, and when the distance (r) between the two photons is very short (13 times out of 4 billion events), the gravitational force (F) between these two could be significant enough to change their courses, which could be observed in a lab.




The following two new experiments by the University of Pittsburgh and CERN show that there is a gravitational effect between photons.



Gravity for Photons



“LHC Creates Matter from Light”


The results obviously go against today’s mainstream understanding in the physics community.  Regardless of the interpretation on how this could happen, if there is a gravity force between photons, certain things need to be re-examined to include the whole study on the unexplainable gravitational effect that mainstream theory refers to as Dark Matter (and Dark Energy).




If there is a gravity force between EM wave/photon and matter or another EM wave/photon, all of the puzzling observations of the Gravitational effect or so-called Dark Matter will make perfect sense. After so many years spent looking for different hypothetical particles for Dark Matter and failing each time, it may be a good idea to take a different approach to this research.

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